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30 April, 2016

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Halong Bay is a popular destination to many thousands of travellers to Vietnam and to the capital Hanoi City. Halong Bay literally meaning "descending Dragon" is a vast area of limestone cliffs, islets and islands with pristine secluded beaches, all coming together to give it UNESCO World Heritage status. Each limestone island thickly covered in dense jungle and forestation rises majesticly in to the air from the turqouise waters of the Bay. This makes Halong Bay one of the premium destinations and one not to miss off your journey through Vietnam. Visit this beautiful destination with Halong Bay Trip.

Halong Bay Trip would like to offer our featured Halong Bay cruises for the month of June. These Halong bay tours could be on a special promotion or simply the most popular cruises in Halong Bay at the time. Keep checking back now and then to see our next line of featured Halong Bay Cruises.

Imperial Legend 3* Cruise

Imperial Legend is a traditional wooden sail boat which is fully equipped with a full bar and restaurant serving traditional Vietnamese style dishes with seafood being the star of the meal. Each cabin is stylishly decked out in wood and smart furnishings with an en-suite shower room and private balcony, making sure you have a wonderful trip through Halong Bay.

Garden Bay Premium 4* Cruise

Our Garden Bay Premium Cruise is one step above the rest regarding friendly, quality service from our staff. We aim to make sure you enjoy every part of your trip with Garden Bay while sailing through the less travelled Bai Tu Long Bay. With stylishly decked out cabins, en-suite and your very own mini bar you are guaranteed to have an amazing time with us through Halong Bay.

Flamingo 4* Halong Bay Cruise

Flamingo is a quaint cruise expertly designed by Vietnamese boat architects. One of the best in our Halong Bay Deluxe Cruises division. Styled with comfort and grace in mind, this Halong Bay cruise is one of the best deluxe cruises travelling through the less travelled Bái Tử Long Bay. With expert friendly professional staff on board, you are guaranteed a pleasurable stay on Halong Bay. 


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